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About Us
Hello!!! We are The Resistance, a  Non-WoE/Social guild for now. We do plan to do WoE someday, but not anytime soon. We have been growing well lately but were still looking to grow some more. The Resistance is more like a family and not like a guild at all but we well organized for a social guild. We use skype for most of our meeting and guild events, so we recommend you have a mic or headphones to listen to with. If you want to skype with us give guildleader your email and he will add you into the group. Its voice only chat so try not to have any background noise(Children or television). We sing songs and chat mostly nothing really important in the chat just for fun. We are very welcoming to any level or experience of the game so we would love anyone who is interested in joining a guild to join our family :D


Guild Spot

-Humble Players
-Social/Active Mains
-Dedicated Guildmembers
-Anyone willing to grow and help the guild grow

Special Recruiting: At the moment we are looking for people who can be leaders and do special roles such as making a guild video, recruiting, or hosting events.

Guild Rules:
-Do Not Beg
-Be Active on Both Site and Game.
-Act Mature
-No Drama on guild chat
-Be Respectful
-Do not act Snotty
-Be Cautious when using Offensive language


-Click on the Apply Tab of our site and post your information on our Warpportal Forum
-Join from using the sites join button
-Find a member at our gspot

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